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Contact: Tammy Dennee, Interim Executive Vice President

Klamath Relief Fund Convoy to Stop in Pendleton

Farmers helping Farmers

Pendleton, OR - Thursday, August 16th from 4:00 - 7:00 pm the
Klamath Relief Fund Convoy will stop in Pendleton at the
Convention Center to stage an informational rally and to collect
donations for the financially devastated farmers of Klamath

Farmers and members of the business community from the
surrounding areas are encouraged to participate in this event as
a symbol of support and to encourage the return to reason,
common sense and sound science decision making where people and
the environment are concerned.

Donations of food (non-perishable and fresh produce), animal
feed, and cash will be accepted at this event and will be
transported by the members of the convoy to Klamath Falls.

Dinner will be available at the Convention Center for a small
fee of $5.00 per person, collected at the door. Everyone is
welcome. If you plan to eat, it is recommended that you notify
the staff of the Oregon Wheat Growers League in advance so
enough food is prepared. The phone number of the League is (541)

This convoy will originate out of Elko, Nevada on Tuesday,
August 14th and is scheduled to make stops in Ogden, Utah; Twin
Falls and Boise, Idaho; and LaGrande before arriving in
Pendleton on Thursday afternoon.

After leaving Pendleton, the convoy will stop in The Dalles,
Portland, McMinville, Salem/Corvallis, Eugene, Roseburg, and
White City. They are scheduled to arrive in Klamath Falls on
Monday, August 20th in time to participate in a "Freedom Day"
Rally scheduled for the 21st where members of the other two
convoys, local farmers, and business representatives will gather
to hear speakers and continue to craft solutions.

The local business communities of Pendleton and Hermiston have
been asked to donate items for an auction to be held on the 16th
with all proceeds going to the Klamath Falls Relief Fund.
Auction items can be delivered to the OWGL Office, located at
115 SE 8th Street, Pendleton, prior to Thursday or items can be
brought to the rally. All donations are tax deductible, as the
Klamath Relief Fund is a 501(c)3 organization.

The Oregon Farm Bureau and Oregon Water Coalition have joined
forces with the Oregon Wheat Growers League to organize this
event and invite all of their members to participate. Additional
information can be obtained by contacting any of these

Concerned citizens who would like to make direct donations to
the Klamath Relief Fund may do so at any U.S. Bank Branch, or
send donations to the Klamath Relief Fund, P.O. Box 5252,
Klamath Falls, OR 97601. All of the proceeds derived from this
activity will be used to assist farmers who have been
financially devastated by helping them retain their land. For
many of these farmers, their homesteads have been handed down
from generation to generation and this year's lack of rain fall
combined with lack of irrigation water precluded their planting
a crop, thereby cutting off their income and putting their farms
at jeopardy.

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