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For Immediate Release
August 12, 2001


In April, a court ruling in a lawsuit brought by radical 
environmentalists forced a sudden and complete shutoff of 
irrigation water to over 1,400 family farms in the Klamath Basin 
in Oregon and northern California.  Since then, the Klamath 
Basin community has struggled mightily. Farm worker families 
have literally left for greener pastures, while landowners are 
facing immediate bankruptcy. The entire downtown business 
community in Klamath is in a slump.  In a gigantic show of 
grassroots support for a community in need, and for reform of 
the well-intentioned but much abused Endangered Species Act, a 
series of multi-state convoys have been organized.  Originating 
in Montana, Nevada, and even Malibu, California, thousands of 
concerned American citizens will converge on the embattled town 
of Klamath Falls, Oregon, bringing donations of food, money, and 
of course, water to the parched Klamath Basin.  A gigantic rally 
of support is planned for Klamath Falls on August 21, 2001.

The Montana convoy will be transporting the famous Nevada 
"Shovel of Solidarity," which was loaned to Montana timber 
supporters by the Jarbidge Shovel Brigade. The "Shovel" is 
emblazoned with the names of thousands of Americans who support 
the tiny hamlet of Jarbidge, Nevada in its ongoing fight to 
re-open the South Canyon road.  Carrying donations for Oregon 
farmers will be Montana's very own "Grim Reaper," a wood chip 
trailer now used as a moving memorial to Montana sawmills closed 
and Montana jobs lost, at least in part because of endless 
Endangered Species Act litigation brought by overzealous 
professional environmental groups.

Accredited press wishing to make interview and/or ride-along 
arrangements should call the state convoy organizers listed 
below at least two days before the convoy reaches their state.  
For more backgound, or to check on schedule changes and convoy 
position reports, please visit the Sierra Times website at:

1. August 14 .2001 to August 17  from 10:00-4:00, volunteers 
will be accepting brass plate donations of $5 each for the new 
Elko gigantic bucket. At 4:00 August 17 we will be taking 
donations and loading the REEPER.  We could use anyone that has 
some free time to help with this . All proceeds from these 
donations will go to the Klamath Falls Relief Fund. For those 
who are unable to get donations to the drop off points please 
call Jayne Strash 756-7426 or Cathy Aastrom 885-2378 and Diana 
Sneddon 257-9010

2. People are asked to bring a gallon of water, marked with 
their name and city.  This water will be poured symbolically 
onto the parched, cracked fields in Klamath Falls on Tuesday, 
August 21, 2001 into The Canal A at the Head Gate.

3. Special activities at the Head Gate on August 20-21 will 
include:  bands, BBQ, speakers, delivering food to the local 
food bank, and a ceremonial pouring of water into The A Canal at 
the Head Gate.

4. Escorting the convening convoys into Klamath Falls will be a 
cavalry unit of over one-hundred fifty horses and riders from 
the U.S.  Freedom Cavalry, Klamath Regiment.  Anyone interested 
in joining them for this historic ride to the Klamath Falls 
Courthouse is encouraged to call Mr. Jon Hall in Klamath Falls 
at cell phone number 541-331-3343.  He will also have 
information regarding starting a new regimental cavalry unit 

5. On Sunday, August 26, 2001 from noon to whenever, The Edge is 
hosting a Community Welcome Home Party as a special thank you to 
all who assisted, contributed, and participated with the convoy.  
Because the list of people is too long to name, and thanks are 
expressed to its many station listeners and other interested 
people, this community party will show deeply felt appreciation 
for everyone's efforts.  The party will be held at Mountain 
Meadows Resort, in Proctor, just south of Kalispell, Montana.  
The food will be potluck with music bands entertaining those 
attending.  People are encouraged to bring their flags to the 
party.  For more information about the Community Welcome Home 
Party, please call 752-2600


--Saturday, August 18--

7:15 AM Sendoff Rally, Ernst Parking Lot, Junction of US 2 and MT 35
8:00 AM Depart

10:00 AM Arrive
Pick up donations,  at St. Regis Truck Stop 
10:30 AM Depart

Kellogg, ID
11:30 AM Arrive
Pick up donations, Silver Valley Truck Stop, Smelterville (Exit 48),
12:00 Noon Depart

Coeur d`Alene,Id
1:00 PM Arrive
Pick up donations, lunch break, Post Falls Flying J
2:30 PM Depart

Moscow, Id
4:30 PM Arrive
Overnight stop, location TBA

--Sunday, August 19--

Moscow, ID
Depart for staging in Lewiston

Pick up donations, Flying J, 3110 N S Highway 208-746-3234
7:30 AM Depart

Walla Walla, WA
11:30 AM Arrive
Rally, donations, Location : L&G Ranch Supply 
2930 Isaacs. AVE. 509-525-3730
Depart at 1:30

Pendleton, OR
2:30 PM Arrive
Pick up donations, Location : Floyds Truck Land
I 84 & Exit 202  541-736-2521
3:00 PM Depart

Biggs, OR
4:30 PM Arrive
Pick up donations, Biggs Junction Travel Plaza, Biggs/Rufus Highway,
5:00  PM

Madras, OR
6:30 PM Arrive
Overnight stop

--Monday, August 20--

9:00 AM


Bend, OR
10:30 AM
Rally, Mountain View Mall, convoy will park in front of the empty K-Mart
12:30 PM Depart

3:00 to 4:00 PM
estimated time of arrival

For further information contact:

Jayne Strash 406-756-7426;
Cathy Aastom 406-885-2378

Steve Washam 509-522-2783

Tom Simmons 208-935-1227

Bill Oetting 541-850-0781

Rick Schwartz 775-753-8717

Grant Gerber 775-738-9258


Madras:  Call 1-800-967-3564  or  e-mail
They will e-mail you a complete list of accommodations.


Klamath Falls:  Contact LeAnne at Shasta Travel 1-800-432-3451.  She
has arranged to secure rooms all over Klamath at a discount price.
Klamath has also made arrangements for those bringing self-contained
vehicles to park in fields.  LeAnne is also coordinating rooms in
private residences.  This is a good way to meet those in Klamath and get
to know them better.

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