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Klamath Falls Relief Convoy Of Tears UPDATE

July 31, 2001 4:00 PM  

CONTACT: Cathy Aastrom (406-885-2378) or

The Klamath Falls Relief Convoy Of Tears continues to grow! 
Before listing the new information please note that:

A. Cathy Aastrom is now putting out the news releases.

  1. Cathy now has a new phone number it is (406-885-2378)

B. Regular points of contact are
  1. Jayne Strash of Big Sky Exteriors (406-756-7426) or 

  2. Cathy Aastrom (406-885-2378) or

  3. KGEZ radio station (406) 752-2600; 


1. Raffle items are on display at KGEZ radio station, 2995 Hwy. 
93 South, Kalispell Montana

Tickets for the raffle can be purchased at Kalispell Garage 
Sale at 1025 W.  Center Street, Kalispell or by calling 
(755-1117) Also at KGEZ Radio Station. You may also view them 
at web page.

2. Donations can be sent to Klamath Falls at any Bank, checks 
are to be made out to Klamath Falls Relief fund. 

3. Tables will be set up at Tidymans and Albertson's in 
Kalispell Montana on August 4, 2001 for anyone wanting to Make 
food, feed for animals and or money to the victims of the 
Klamath Falls Crises. Tidymans will start at, 8:00 AM until 
12:00 PM. Albertson's location will start at: 8:00 AM and go 
all day until 5:00 PM .

4. The sponsors of KGEZ radio station are also accepting 
donations that will be taken to Klamath Falls. You may contact 
them by calling KGEZ (406-752-2600)

5. Those who would like to join us on the departure date are 
encouraged to drive as far as they can, in support of the 

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