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August 5, 2001

Press Release / Public Service Announcement

Contact: Tom Simmons                  Contact: Joann Mider
  Phone: 208-935-1227                   Phone: 208-935-2115

Watchmen On the Wall to coordinate area convoy in support of 
Farmers of Klamath Basin---IS Your Farm NEXT?

Will deliver donated goods and goodwill to farmers devastated by 
Endangered Species Act

Kamiah, ID -- On August 20, 2001, a convoy of citizens from 
Idaho/Lewis/Clearwater/Nez Perce Counties and surrounding area 
will depart toward Klamath Falls, Oregon to participate in a 
rally of support for the farmers of the Klamath Basin, whose 
farms have been devastated by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's 
decision, last April, to cut off irrigation to 240,000 acres of 
cropland based on the requirements of the Endangered Species 
Act. Many of these homesteads were awarded to WWI and WWII 
veterans in lottery drawings generations ago. The convoy will 
carry with it donated supplies and goodwill. The Rally will take 
place on August 21 at the Fairgrounds in Klamath Falls. Other 
groups sending convoys include the Blue-Ribbon Coalition, the 
Shovel Brigade of Elko, Nevada, and a convoy of farmers from 
Kalispell, Montana. Eight states are now involved in the relief 
effort, including Montana, Oregon, California, Utah, Nevada, 
Idaho, Washington and Wyoming. 

Locally, Cloninger's Harvest Foods of Kamiah, Pankey's Grocery 
of Kooskia, Stites Hardware, Stites Grocery, Asker's Harvest 
Foods, and Cash and Carry of Grangeville have graciously allowed 
donation boxes to be placed at their stores to receive donated 
supplies for the Klamath Basin farmers. Items needed include 
canned goods, livestock feed, staple goods, other non-perishable 
supplies, and money.

Watchmen On the Wall will take one or two 12-passenger vans 
(availability is the factor) as well as numerous personal 
vehicles. Seating is available on a first-come basis. Van 
passengers will be asked to contribute around $10.00 each to 
help pay for transportation costs.  Food and lodging not 
included. Spaces will be available at the fairgrounds to set up 
tents or to park RV's. Restrooms and showers on site. Regardless 
of how you get there; please join us in supporting those farmers 
in their time of need.

For more information about the convoy, a list of drop-off sites 
for supplies, addresses for cash donations, or a map and 
itinerary of the convoy route, call 
Tom at (208) 935-1667, email or 
Joann at (208) 935-2115, email 

For more information about the Klamath 
Basin Crisis, visit the following websites: (Main site) (Information about convoys) (Discussion Forum 
LIVE from the headgates!) (Convoy Logistics 
Message Board) (Watchmen On 
the Wall Egroup)

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