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[NOTE:  The Montana convoy is leaving August 
18, not August 15 as stated below]


From:   Donald C. Amador, 112531,1311
TO:     "Amador",
DATE:   7/30/01 5:54 PM



As many of you already know, the BRC is an official sponsor of 
the Klamath Farm Aid Convoys and Traveling Auctions.  

I have visited with the farmers in Klamath and what has happened 
there is grossly unfair and illustrates what many of us already 
know, the Endangered Species Act is being misused by anti-access 
groups to impose an agenda that is not good for the environment 
or people.

Bill Dart, a BRC board member and current Legislative Action 
Officer for AMA Dist 36, has family roots from the Klamath Basin 
and he agrees that we must do something to help the farmers who 
have been financially devastated by the ESA.

Since many of you are interested in helping with the effort to 
aid the Klamath  farmers,  here is the latest info on the  
Shovel/Bucket Brigade Farm Aid Convoys:

Although the exact details of where the various convoys/auctions 
will be staging from and stopping at are still in the works, all 
three will be leaving on August 15 and plan to arrive at Klamath 
Falls on Aug 21, 2001.  One will be leaving from the LA area, 
one from Elko, Nevada, and one from Montana.

The Klamath Relief Project is headed up by the Shovel Brigade 
and it has a goal of raising 20 million dollars.  Our goal is to 
end up at Klamath Falls with a substancial amount of money for 
farming families impacted by the loss of access to water.

Should you want to donate funds or a small item/s (i.e. new 
helmet, hunting vest,  snowmobile suit, flak jacket, winter 
vacation at a resort, etc.)  to be auctioned off,  you can send 
it to me and I will take the items and donations down to the So 
Cal staging area on August 14.

Donations, etc. that you want me to carry down in the official 
BRC enclosed trailer can be  sent to:

Shovel Brigade/Klamath Relief Project
c/o BlueRibbon Coalition
555 Honey Lane
Oakley, CA 94561

Larger items (i.e. OSVs, Jeeps - yes a new jeep has already been 
donated for auction, etc.) can be sent to:

Shovel Brigade/Klamath Relief Project
491 4th Street
Elko NV 89801

Contact: Grant Gerber
Phone 775.738.9258

I will release more details and itineraries for traveling 
auctions next week.  Thanks for your interest and support of 
this worthy effort.

Don Amador, BRC

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