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From:   Donald C. Amador, 112531,1311
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DATE:   7/27/01 3:48 PM

RE:     Copy of: News Release-BRC Joins Farm Aid Convoy





Don Amador - 925.625.6287  - BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc.  -

Grant Gerber - 775.738.2009  - Shovel/Bucket Brigade -
Convoy/Auction Coordinator

Date: July 27, 2001

(Photo from Klamath headgate is avail. upon request)


OAKLEY, CA -- The BlueRibbon Coalition is joining
a growing effort to help farmers in the Klamath
Basin who are being put out of business by the
Endangered Species Act.  Many recreation and
multiple-use activities have also been banned or
restricted because extreme anti-access groups are
misusing the ESA to enact a political agenda that
has little to do with science or protecting the

Dune-buggy and 4 wheel-drive riding areas in the
desert Southwest have been closed to recreational
users because of eco-lawsuits filed by
preservationist groups to "protect" the Peirson's
Milk-vetch.  Beach access has been eliminated in
California and Oregon because of the Western
Snowy Plover. Cabin owners cannot gather downed
trees for firewood in late successional reserves
because of the Northern Spotted Owl.

East Bay Regional Parks in the San Francisco Bay
Area is just one lawsuit away from having to
close camping areas because the California Red-
Legged Frog was listed as an endangered species.
  Over 4 million acres have been listed as
critical frog habitat because of a suit filed by
the Center for Biodiversity.

Don Amador, the western representative for the
BlueRibbon Coalition, said, "I think it is
important for the recreation community to lend
support to the farmers  who have been put out of
work by a flawed ESA. The ESA needs a serious
overhaul to bring some balance to the land-use
equation.  When 4th generation farmers are
bankrupted because of an eco-lawsuit...something
is terribly wrong."

"All of us interested in responsible use of
public and private lands should work together to
protect access and property rights," Amador

"I would urge the Bush administration and
Congress to take a hard look at the current ESA
to see where corrections can be made so that
'people factors' can be included in the
environmental equation.  Balance must be found,"
Amador concludes.

The Jarbidge Shovel Brigade is planning to help
farmers in the Klamath Basin by staging three
traveling auctions that will feature a giant
steel bucket for the Bucket Brigade.  On August
15, one convoy will leave Elko, Nevada and swing
through the Pacific Northwest.  The other group
will start in the LA area and journey through the
California Central Valley.  A third caravan is
leaving from Montana.  All convoys are expected
to arrive at Klamath Falls on August 21.

# # #

The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national recreation
group that champions responsible use of public
and private lands.  It represents over 1,100
organizations and businesses with approximately
650,000 members.

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